Groups are minimum 4 and maximum 6 people.

Please contact us for groups of more or less people.



To gift a special experience, all you have to do is choose a tour, the number of people receiving the gift, and fill in your contact details.

The gift is good for one year from the moment of purchase and you can always exchange it for a different tour as long as the price is the same.

Feel free to contact us at info@empordalovers.cat.

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What services does EmpordàLovers offer?

At EmpordàLovers we offer unique experiences to discover the Empordà region in surprising ways. We offer guided tours on electric mountain bikes (e-MTB), as a different, easy, comfortable, and fun way to get to know the rich natural and cultural  heritage of the Empordà. We offer different itineraries adapted to the visitor’s personal preferences – from a morning tour that follows the winding greenways, to discovering hidden natural spots or hard to reach architectural gems.

Can anybody join these tours?

Yes, because the tours are divided into 3 different levels of difficulty, so anyone, over the age of 16, can choose the one that best adapts to their physical condition. You do need to know how to ride a bicycle, and then you simply need to decide which level and tour best fits your physical condition and interests.

The three levels are: EASY, routes with few ups and down, wide paths and trails that are not difficult to maneuver; INTERMEDIATE, routes with ups and downs, paths and trails that are a bit more difficult, but feasible for anyone who is reasonably in shape; and ADVANCED, routes with significant ups and downs, paths and trails that are rarely used. Riders on these tours should have experience riding mountain bikes and know how to maneuver technically demanding trails.

Are electric mountain bikes (e-MTB) safe?

Yes, an e-MTB is ridden in the same way as a normal bicycle and runs the same risk. The tours that we plan and offer at EmpordàLovers are safe, and you will always be accompanied by a professional guide who is specialized in giving the correct instructions and advice to help get the best performance out of the bicycle, to know what to do in every situation, and to avoid as much as possible any potential risks.

Do I need to get a special insurance to go on these tours?

No, that’s not needed because when you book an EmpordàLovers tour you are automatically covered for personal accident insurance and civil liability insurance, as stated in the autonomous government law Decree 56/2003  from February 4th, which regulates outdoor physical and sport activities, and the ORDER PRE/361/2004 from October 6th, which modified the catalogue of outdoor physical and sports activities.

How do I book an experience?

Once you have chosen the experience that interests you, and you fill in the request form with your details and an approximate date, the EmpordàLovers team will get in contact with you to confirm the tour, the date, and to answer any questions you may have.

How long do the tours last and what time do they start?

The tours last between 4 and 5 hours, depending on the tour and the level. Morning and afternoon tours are available, depending on the time of year. When we receive a request for a tour, the EmpordàLovers team decides on a time, which can be adapted to the needs of the group if needed.

How many people per tour group?

At EmpordàLovers we believe in sustainability and quality, and for this reason our groups are a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6, plus the guide. These numbers allow us to have an experience that is intimate and unique, and that also has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Where do the tours start?

The tours start in different places, and we have established meeting points in all of the main towns in the Alt and Baix Empordà regions. The EmpordàLovers transfer vehicle picks up the group at these established points and brings them to the starting point of the tour along with the e-MTBs, and does the same for the return. Tour participants have the choice of going directly to the starting place of the tours or to the established meeting points for each tour.

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