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To gift a special experience, all you have to do is choose a tour, the number of people receiving the gift, and fill in your contact details.

The gift is good for one year from the moment of purchase and you can always exchange it for a different tour as long as the price is the same.

Feel free to contact us at info@empordalovers.cat.

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What is EmpordàLovers?

We are a 0 km tourism agency, created by Empordà locals, in Empordà and for Empordà. We are the only tourism agency that is exclusively focused on getting to know the region of Empordà on electric mountain bikes (e-MTB) with a guide.

We offer a structured, innovative and competitive service based on respect for the environment, passion for the region, and a healthy dose of adrenaline. Whatever the physical condition of our clients may be, they can enjoy our natural and cultural heritage in a way that respects the local environment.

We are brand that believes in active and sustainable tourism in Catalonia, and we achieve this by offering a quality product that helps to diversify what is currently available for tourists in the region. .

What do we offer?

At EmpordàLovers we offer unique experiences to discover the Empordà region in surprising ways. We offer guided tours on electric mountain bikes (e-MTB), as a different, easy, comfortable and fun way to get to know the rich natural and cultural  heritage of the Empordà.

We offer different itineraries adapted to the visitor’s personal preferences. From a morning tour that follows the winding greenways,  to discovering hidden natural spots or hard to reach architectural gems.

The only requisite is an adventurous spirit and a desire to explore this unique region.

We also offer unique athletic, cultural and educational products. All our products are  of the best quality and they all proudly bear the stamp, “made in Empordà,” adding value to the Empordà region and culture.


The Empordà, a region to fall in love with!

The Empordà is home to an impressive natural heritage; 35% of its territory is protected land. There are parks and mountainous regions, but also an attractive coastline with  coves and sandy or rocky beaches that are typical of the Costa Brava.

It has also been a reference point for different artistic movements, like the surrealist movement. Its cultural and artistic heritage is the culmination of the passing through of classical civilizations and attracting an infinite number of artists. Empordà is also gastronomy! Its varied landscape allows for a wide variety of quality products. A complete and complex sensorial experience.



We are a team of professionals from varied backgrounds, with a horizontal structure that allows us to cover all the bases and reach our annual goals. Our guides are professionals trained in outdoor education. They love the Empordà and are deeply knowledgeable of the region. With them you are ensured a safe, complete and highly enjoyable tour.

Our e-Bicycles

Our investment in advanced, quality products means that we are able to offer a safe, comfortable and relaxed experience that allows you to enjoy the diverse region through unique tours that are adapted to different physical abilities and conditions.  Our electric mountain bikes are from a local company, RIEJU SA.

We have two models available for you to choose from in your EmpordàLovers experiences:  

The MRT PLUS FULL MOUNTAIN is a double suspension bicycle for long distance riding that is very stable and comfortable. The greater distance between the axels and wider tires allows for greater security and control on unstable and rocky trails. The dropper seat posts means that we can lower the seat for more complicated and technical trail parts.

The MRT PLUS FULL MOUNTAIN is the bike best suited to relish in all those little paths and  trails that we encounter along the way.


The MRT CROSS MOUNTAIN is a rigid, or one suspension, bicycle. It’s lighter which means that you can ride further more easily. 29” wheels gives us more effectiveness in the uphills and uneven paths.

The MRT CROSS MOUNTAIN is a bicycle designed to discover new routes without worrying about how many kilometers lie ahead.

All of the bikes’ batteries are recharged with 100% renewable energy, supplied by the hydroelectric company Agrinergia, in Banyoles.

Empordàlovers e-mountainbike

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If you want to receive updates about Empordàlovers: