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Good stories are always love stories. And, since it can’t be any other way, the story of EmpordàLovers is as well. This is a love story between two locals from Figueres, Xavi Díaz and Pau Juanola, and a place, the Empordà. This story began around twenty years ago when Xavi and Pau worked together as ski monitors at Figueres Sports Services. This is where they first ever crossed paths. Generational differences perhaps. But they quickly saw that they shared a common passion: the Empordà. A passion that they each experienced in their own way. Xavi did so by participating in nature and educational groups like Esplai Xibalbà, Agrupament Escolta Xiprers al Vent and the IAEDEN. And Pau in the Hiker’s Club of Empordà.

The years passed by and then on June 21, 2014, during the celebration of World Music Day in Figueres, they crossed paths again. Upon reuniting they started talking about lots of stuff and they started to throw out ideas about the possibility of starting a business together that would promote and explore the Empordà region in a different sort of way, one that was both high-quality and sustainable.

In that moment it was just one of those conversations full of good intentions that we’ve all had at some point or another but that never really goes anywhere. But Xavi and Pau had it pretty clear. They didn’t know how long it was going to take, but they would find a way to make this dream of putting the Empordà region on the map a reality, and giving it the value it deserves, both its heritage and its people.

After the first conversation, there was a second and third … The main axis of what they wanted to do clear: they wanted to create environmentally responsible touristic experiences that were local and sustainable. They had their What. Now they had to decide their How. The type of experiences they wanted to offer were not feasible on foot, and at the same time 35% of the Empordà is protected land and it’s impossible to access it with motorized vehicles. After going back and forth for a long time, they found their solution in electric mountain bikes. The use of this form of transport would allow them to offer Empordà touring experiences that covered relatively large distances, up to 30 or 40 kilometers.

On top it, riding an electric mountain bike was an experience in and of itself. They didn’t have any experience with these bikes, but they remember perfectly the first time they tried one. It was on a route between Perafita and Cadaqués by the Mina path. For Pau it was a moment of total discovery. All of a sudden, a route that by mountain bike was quite the challenge, became pure fun. Thanks to the electric mountain bike the uphills were easy, you could enjoy the surrounding landscape without totally killing yourself, and it was something that was possible even for people who don’t regularly do sports. And on top of it all, it was sustainable. What more could they ask for?

Little by little the pieces started falling into place. The next step was choosing the model of electric bike they wanted for EmpordàLovers. And guess where they found it: Rieju, a well-known motorcycle company with a line of high-quality electric mountain bikes, had its headquarters in Figueres. Also, being a sustainable company, one of the main concerns was recharging the batteries of the electric bicycles. The answer was just a stone’s throw from home, in Banyoles. The headquarters of Agrienergia is located there, a green energy company that supplied light for the town of Navata, where the company was located. Just what they needed.

The next objective was finding an eco-friendly vehicle to transport the bikes and the EmpordàLovers. Due to the type of vehicle they needed and the geography of the land, they soon discovered this would not be possible. To compensate for this, and to reduce as much as possible the impact on the territory and the environment, all of the EmpordàLovers tours include return transport for all the participants from agreed upon meeting points to avoid unnecessary trips and reduce the impact of the region.

The project began to take shape and Xavi and Pau were no longer flying solo. Ferran Díaz, Raquel Bosch, Joel Bech and Olga Díaz had jumped on board, and the six of them together created EmpordàLovers. A brand that, just like them, transmits passion for the region.

“We love the Empordà region and we want to share this love and continue to fall in love again and again as we share it,” they state.

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